Benefit from One of the Biggest Advances in Modern Dentistry … Dental Implants!

Dental Implants Services in Knoxville TN area

Dental implant services represent one of the biggest advances in modern dentistry. And Sequoyah Dental Arts is proud to provide full-service implant dentistry to our valued patients in Knoxville, Tennessee. What makes implants so special?  Implants are the next closest thing that we have to natural teeth. They are just one part of each prosthetic tooth. The implant specifically replaces the tooth’s root. It is surgically positioned in the jawbone. Since implants are made from biocompatible materials, they naturally integrate or join with the rest of the bone. This process ensures a stable foundation for the replacement teeth that are … Continue reading

Dental implants for missing teeth are a long-lasting investment for your smile

Dental Implants Cost in Knoxville TN Area

Sequoyah Dental Arts is pleased to offer dental implants to our patients in and around Knoxville, Tennessee. Implant procedures are truly transformative; Drs Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall use implants to create replacement teeth that look and feel natural. They are also of exceptional value.  Well worth the cost  Implants are small cylinders that are placed in the jawbone and made from materials designed to fuse with the surrounding bone. After this process is complete, the implant is effectively part of the jaw and functions like a natural tooth root. The replacement tooth is then connected to the implant, so it is held securely … Continue reading

Benefits of Dental Implants for missing teeth

Teeth Implants in Knoxville TN Area

If you have lost one or more teeth, you probably know the impact that it can have on your smile, speech, and ability to chew your food. Tooth loss can also have a negative effect on your oral health, but fortunately, patients have more choices than ever before when it comes to natural-looking tooth replacement options.  At Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, Drs. Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall use a personalized approach to restore your smile after tooth loss and offer various options to meet our patients’ diverse needs. One of the most popular and versatile options is the dental implant. What sets dental … Continue reading

Are Dental Implants the solution to your missing teeth?

Tooth Implant Process in Knoxville TN Area

Missing teeth are nothing to laugh about. When you lose teeth, it affects your smile, oral health, and overall oral functionality. That’s why it’s important to have your teeth replaced as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a permanent tooth replacement option, dental implants could be just what you need. At Sequoyah Dental Arts, we offer dental implant treatments for residents of Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding communities. Why you should consider dental implants Dental implants have a lot to offer as a tooth replacement option. With implants, you get: A permanent solution for replacing missing teeth An attractive, natural-looking smile as … Continue reading

Knoxville, Tennessee, a dentist explains the process of replacing missing teeth with dental implants

Dental Implants Process Knoxville TN Dentist Explains The Dental Implants Process Knoxville TN

Your natural teeth affect more than just your oral health. They contribute to enjoying the foods you like, allowing you to speak properly and your overall self-confidence. This is why the loss of one or more teeth can be detrimental for patients in many ways. In the past, dentures were the only way to replace missing teeth, though they failed to provide the strength and durability patients expect from restorative dentistry. Now, patients can ask about the placement of dental implants for replacing missing teeth: Knoxville, Tennessee, area dentists, including Drs. Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall of Sequoyah Dental Arts … Continue reading

Replace multiple missing teeth with implant-supported dentures in Knoxville, TN

Replace Missing Teeth in Knoxville TN Area

Drs. Foncea and McCall of Sequoyah Dental Arts understand how difficult it can be to deal with one or more missing teeth. Not only is it unsightly, but it can impact eating and speaking efficiency, while causing bone loss (resorption). If you are interested in solutions to replace missing teeth, especially multiple teeth, and live in the area of Knoxville, TN, we encourage you to book an appointment with our staff to learn more about implant-supported dentures. What are implant-supported dentures? Implant-supported dentures, sometimes referred to as implant-retained dentures, replace an entire arch of teeth while using several dental implants … Continue reading

Knoxville, TN area dentist describes the benefits of using dental implants to replace missing teeth

Dentist Explains the Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth in Knoxville area

For patients in the area of Knoxville, TN who are seeking the next best thing to natural teeth, dental implants may be the solution. Dental implants are tooth replacement options that look, function, and feel just like natural teeth so patients can be confident in their own smile. Dental implants have many benefits that patients can consider when they visit with Dr. Pablo Foncea or Dr. Mariko McCall at Sequoyah Dental Arts. Our dentists can walk patients through the many advantages dental implants provide over alternative solutions such as bridges and dentures. What are the benefits of dental implants? There … Continue reading

Dentists in Knoxville, TN offer tooth replacement options for patients experiencing tooth loss

3D image of a Dental Implant

If you are experiencing tooth loss and are looking for dentists in the area of Knoxville, TN who can assist with a myriad of tooth replacement options, Drs. Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall of Sequoyah Dental Arts encourage you to book a consultation visit with their team. At Sequoyah Dental Arts, patients have access to a number of different tooth replacement options that can be used to restore the function and appearance of the smile when tooth loss occurs. Tooth replacement options for tooth loss Drs. Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall of Sequoyah Dental Arts are pleased to provide patients … Continue reading

Exactly what are dental implants? Learn about this tooth replacement option from Knoxville area dentist

Learn about this tooth replacement option from Knoxville area dentist, Dr. Foncea Pablo

Knoxville area dentists, Dr. Pablo Foncea, and Dr. Mariko McCall, are dedicated to helping patients restore their smiles when tooth loss occurs. There are several methods of tooth replacement for patients to consider, including: Dentures Bridges Implants One of the most requested and highly respected options is the dental implant. Dental implants are a terrific way for patients to replace one or more teeth in a permanent manner, making it a wise investment. Exactly what are dental implants? Dental implants are tooth replacement solutions that are surgically placed into the bone of the jaw. These implants are typically fabricated with … Continue reading

What can Knoxville, TN patients expect before, during, and after the dental implants procedure?

What can Knoxville, TN patients expect before, during, and after the dental implants procedure?

A popular solution to tooth loss is dental implants. This restoration allows patients to restore the beauty and function of their smile after loss due to extraction, infection, or trauma. Dental implants are titanium posts which are surgically implanted into the jawbone. They are then covered with a porcelain dental crown to act as a false tooth and they allow patients to enjoy increased efficiency in chewing, biting, and speaking. They are the ultimate solution for many patients. However, the idea of dental surgery for the dental implants placement can be a concerning notion for many patients. Patients who are … Continue reading

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