How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisible Braces in Knoxville

Invisalign is a brand of invisible braces that have many patients excited. This state-of-the-art way of realigning teeth is a welcome change from traditional orthodontics. While many patients want to improve their smile, they shy away from doing so because of the negative associations with metal brackets and wires on their teeth with standard braces. “Metal mouth” and “brace face” come to mind for many patients, and they are commonly turned off to the idea of realigning their smile. However, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to readjust one’s smile, and is virtually unnoticeable by others during a patient’s treatment. No … Continue reading

What are Knoxville Invisalign Orthodontics Aligners Made Of?

Knoxville Orthodontics

Technology has allowed dentists to improve patient smiles dramatically with a number of cosmetic restorations and treatments. One of the most popular treatments offered by Dr. Foncea is Invisalign orthodontics. Patients come to Sequoyah Dental Arts for Knoxville orthodontics that is done by a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist. Invisalign orthodontics is one of the most requested treatments that are offered by the cosmetic dental practice of Knoxville. Orthodontics is often seen as metal brackets and wires. However, thanks to technological advances, patients can now use clear aligner trays to realign their teeth and their bites into a more attractive … Continue reading

What are the benefits of Invisalign over traditional orthodontics for Knoxville, TN patients?

Invisalign Knoxville TN

Individuals of all ages come to Dr. Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts to learn more about orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign. Knoxville, TN residents can use Invisalign to straighten teeth and realign bites without the use of metal brackets and wires. Traditional orthodontics is often unsightly and costly, and is a turn-off for teenagers and adults. However, with the improvements in dental technologies, patients can now utilize the clear aligner trays in the Invisalign system to achieve the beautiful smile they’ve always desired! Invisalign works by providing gentle forces through aligner trays that are made specifically for each individual. Impressions … Continue reading

Why might a Knoxville patient choose clear, invisible braces?

Clear Invisible Braces Knoxville

Traditional orthodontics has a stigma of being unattractive. Teenagers and adults are often turned off by the idea of having metal brackets and wires hiding their natural smile. This can result in the loss of self-esteem and confidence. When orthodontic treatments take years to complete, this can be a trying period in any patient’s life. Dr. Foncea, of Knoxville’s Sequoyah Dental Arts, is happy to provide a wonderful alternative: clear, invisible braces. This treatment, known as Invisalign, is becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and adults. This method of straightening the teeth uses aligner trays made of clear, medical-grade plastic. They … Continue reading

What can you expect from Invisalign treatment by a Knoxville dentist?

Invisalign Dentist Knoxville

Invisalign is a state-of-the-art method used by Dr. Foncea to improve the smile of patients young and old. Teenagers and adults can use this orthodontic treatment to realign teeth and adjust the bite without standard metal bracket and wire braces from an orthodontist. Instead, patients can visit their cosmetic dentist for Invisalign treatment from start to finish! Dr. Foncea of Knoxville is happy to offer Invisalign treatment. Using clear aligner trays, patients can realign their teeth and enjoy the benefits of a more aesthetic smile. Additionally, by aligning teeth and reducing overcrowding, patients are able to maintain a healthier smile … Continue reading

Benefits of orthodontics and invisible braces for Knoxville residents

Orthodontics Invisible Braces Knoxville

There are many reasons patients may consider orthodontics for their smile. Perhaps they have misaligned, crooked teeth that are reducing their biting and chewing efficiency. Maybe they are dealing with spaces and gaps between teeth in the dental arch, and want to improve the overall cosmetics of their smile. Patients may also be dealing with bite misalignment that is causing unnecessary wear and tear on their natural teeth. No matter what the reason, the team at Sequoyah Dental Arts is proud to offer orthodontics such as invisible braces for Knoxville area residents. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to reposition the … Continue reading

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