How are at-home teeth whitening kits used by Knoxville residents?

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Whitening a smile is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of the teeth dramatically. When teeth are dull and discolored, a simple teeth whitening treatment can do wonders. However, patients who have purchased at-home teeth whitening kits at their local Knoxville area drugstore may have been unhappy with the results. This is why Dr. Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts recommends that patients visit his practice to get effective, professional whitening products for optimum results.

Dr. Foncea, of Knoxville, offers his patients both in-office and home whitening options. They are very different services and provide results within different timeframes. In-office teeth whitening is done at Sequoyah Dental Arts in approximately one hour, and patients leave the practice with their new smile. Home teeth whitening kits are made at the practice and are sent home with the patient to use on their own.

Home whitening kits produce the same results as the in-office treatment, just within a longer treatment time. Patients are required to wear the whitening trays with the bleaching gels at least thirty minutes a day for several weeks for the best results. Many patients like the lower cost of home teeth whitening treatments and the ability to whiten on their own time. Take-home trays also offer more control over the results, and patients like being able to use them as needed for touch-up to maintain the initial results of their whitening treatment.

To obtain a whitening kit at Sequoyah Dental Arts, patients consult with Dr. Foncea to ensure they are a good candidate. Whitening candidates cannot have restorations in their smile such as veneers, crowns, and bridges as these do not whiten during treatment and could stand out from the rest of the teeth. Otherwise, patients should be able to undergo whitening services with few to no concerns.

Patients visit the dental office to have their custom whitening trays created. Impressions are used to create them, so they are custom-made for every patient’s individual smile. Patients are sent home with whitening gel to use with the trays and instructions on how to use the trays and gel.

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