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Why cosmetic dentistry procedures have become increasingly popular in Knoxville

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Dr. Pablo Foncea of Knoxville’s Sequoyah Dental Arts is a quality dentist in the area who is excited to offer a wide range of dentistry procedures, including general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic dentistry has become more popular over the years as patients have realized how affordable it can be. Dr. Pablo Foncea works with his patients to find a way to make their new smile achievable financially with payment plans and financing options. Some procedures that are cosmetic in nature may even be covered in part or in full with dental insurance plans, and our front office staff will help patients with paperwork to determine if there is any coverage available through their insurance.

Cosmetic dentistry is popular because it allows patients to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Not everyone is born with a naturally beautiful, perfectly aligned smile. Some patients are genetically pre-disposed to having crooked, crowded teeth; discolored teeth; and teeth that are more susceptible to decay due to higher acid levels in their saliva. Because of this, it is important to work with a dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations to maintain oral health and to be more proactive about dental care and hygiene.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are simple, and many can be done within a single day or several weeks. Some patients may even combine several cosmetic dentistry procedures to develop a smile rehabilitation plan, also known as a “smile makeover.” Dr. Pablo Foncea can help patients improve the appearance of their smiles with these rejuvenation treatments using one or more services.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available through Sequoyah Dental Arts include:

Patients in Knoxville or the surrounding areas who have considered the advantages of improving the aesthetics of their smiles are welcome to contact Sequoyah Dental Arts and educate themselves on the many methods used to address cosmetic concerns within the smile. We believe in offering a wide array of services and treatments to achieve beautiful, healthier smiles!

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