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If you are missing teeth or have uncomfortable dentures, Dr. Pablo Foncea at Sequoyah Dental Arts can help you find a solution.  There are two types of dentures:  removable and implant supports.   Both options have merit and Dr. Foncea can help you determine which fits your lifestyle and needs.

Good dentures are life changing.  When you are missing teeth not only is your health affected but often your confidence as well.   Our patients often comment that they wish they had not tried to go for a fast and cheap solution before they found out that a sturdy life like option was available at our office.Dr. Foncea says that some of the most exciting days he has had in the office are the dramatic smile makeovers of our denture patients.

Dr. Foncea‘s office, Sequoyah Dental Arts, takes great pride in their custom cosmetic dentures. Cosmetic dentures are different than generic ones.

Many offices offer a generic dentures and do not consider the facial aesthetics of the patient. In contrast, a cosmetic denture is one that is designed in a careful manner, taking into account the bite, the height and width of the smile, shape of the face and color, texture and tooth position of the patient. Dr. Foncea evaluates you individually and therefore is able to give you a set of dentures that fits naturally to your face while enhancing the aesthetics as well.

Tired with Old Dentures? - Dr. Pablo Foncea

Do you offer dentures?
At Sequoyah Dental Arts, we make fantastic custom dentures.

How are dentures made?
We use a lab that excels in making natural lifelike dentures, in fact, they are just amazing. What really sets us apart is the time we spend, making them fit that person’s face. There is an art to getting a smile to blend in naturally. We take the steps to make sure that happens.

The change when it is done correctly is huge and significant but yet we want to blend it to look natural.

Do dentures change your appearance?
In many cases, it takes years off the appearance. Old dentures make people look old, but a new smile can just rejuvenate that person’s look.

This is definitely one of our favorite smile makeover solutions here at Sequoyah Dental Arts.

Visit Dr. Foncea’s dental office today and get a chance to transform your life in more ways than one.
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Dr. Foncea offers Implant supported dentures for those who do not have enough bone structure to support the denture alone. With implant supports, the denture will fit more securely giving you a more natural smile.

Visit Dr. Foncea‘s dental office today and get a chance to transform your life in more ways than one.


Dentures are made from a plastic resin that matches the color of natural gums. Prosthetic teeth project from the base are designed to look and function like your natural teeth. It is important for dentures to fit properly, both for your personal comfort and to ensure that they are stable when you are wearing them. It may take some time to get used to eating and talking while wearing dentures, but eventually, the muscles, nerves, and ligaments in your mouth adjust, allowing you to resume life as usual.

There are many types of dentures, and your dentist will help you determine which kind best suits your individual needs.

Types of full dentures include:

  • Immediate Dentures – These are usually temporary and intended to help you adjust to wearing dentures. They do not fit as well as permanent dentures, but they do provide you with new teeth immediately after an extraction.
  • Conventional Full Dentures – After a period of time, permanent conventional dentures can be crafted to look like your natural teeth, function properly, and conform to your mouth with near-perfect accuracy.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – To increase the stability of your dentures, it is possible to anchor them with the help of dental implants.

Types of partial dentures include:

  • Transitional Partials – These removable plastic dentures temporarily replace your missing teeth while keeping your natural teeth spaced properly as you wait for your mouth to heal from an extraction.
  • Removable Partials – These metal-based removable partials are lighter and less obtrusive than transitional partials. They are a little more expensive than plastic dentures but will fit better.

If you or a loved one has ever considered dentures, contact Sequoyah Dental Arts to schedule a consultation. We are experts at making sure your smile looks and feels great.

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Dr. Foncea and his staff are excellent. He just started me on a journey to get my problems fixed….he installed some implants and got me some interim dentures while waiting on the healing process. He and Morgan(?) did the work, and honestly, it was so smooth and relatively no or low pain….very very good. The Doc and the Staff are very professional and friendly. I truely felt at ease when i was actually dreading the whole thing. More good things to come! Thanks Dr. Pablo!

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