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Dental Implants Before AfterAre you missing a tooth?  Maybe you are tired of having to take small bites or eat only soft food with your current dentures?  If so, Dental Implants could be the answer to your problems.

An implant is simply a post made of titanium that replaces the root of your tooth. Since it is a permanent anchor, it allows Dr. Foncea to attach a crown, bridge or denture in a stable and lifelike way. Implants can be used as a one tooth solution or as a way to stabilize your dentures so that you no longer need adhesives.  Implants are considered to be the very best method of replacing a tooth due to the stability and longevity they provide. Our patients say that the best party of implants is that they feel and look “real” and provide all the stability for biting and chewing that their real tooth did.


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Thankful to Dr. Foncea and his staff for seeing me today. I had an emergency and they worked me into the schedule and were very kind and understanding. Will definitely be switching to this office for all of my dental needs! Thanks again! You guys were amazing!!

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