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At Sequoyah Dental Arts, Drs Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall blend technical expertise and artistry to create dentures that look, feel, and function like natural, healthy teeth for patients in Knoxville, Tennessee. Many of the common complaints associated with dentures have to do with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to designing and fitting dentures. 

Truly custom dentures 

Dentures customized to fit your mouth and account for your one-of-a-kind facial and oral features and anatomy support the best possible experience and satisfaction with your new teeth. “Generic” dentures that do not account for characteristics such as “bite” (how the upper and lower teeth come together when biting down) do not fit seamlessly in the smile. Poor-fitting dentures that are loose and slip around can irritate the inside of the mouth and cause sores. Ill-fitting dentures also do not support proper chewing, speech, and other essential functions. 

Dentures planned in an exacting manner by our team also account for: 

  • Smile “height” 
  • Smile “width” 
  • Facial shape 
  • Teeth color 
  • Teeth positions 
  • Teeth texture 
  • Color and texture of supportive gum tissue
  • Overall facial aesthetics 

When integrating these features into the design of your new teeth, you also avoid cosmetic concerns associated with generic designed dentures. Most notably, dentures at our office do not look like false teeth. They are planned precisely and by using quality materials. They look like natural teeth and not “plastic,” “overly perfect,” or fake. So, while they are not the “real deal,” no one else needs to know that! Your secret is safe with us. 

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There is an option for every smile 

Sequoyah Dental Arts has also lifted the traditional barriers to getting the smile of your dreams. For instance, we offer immediate dentures. With this system, we can place temporary or provisional dentures immediately after your teeth have been extracted. So, you never have to be seen in public, or struggle to eat, without teeth. Once the extraction sites have healed, we place your permanent denture. We also offer dentures that are supported by dental implants. When implants are placed and secured strategically in the jaw, they securely “root” or hold the denture in place. 

We provide a high level of service to ensure that the process of adjusting to dentures is fast and easy. We will check that your dentures are in good shape during regular appointments at our office in Knoxville, TN, and make adjustments or repairs as needed. Call us at 865 973-9899 today to schedule your dentures consultation. 

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I have two teenagers who needed all four wisdom teeth pulled. Dr. Foncea and his staff took excellent care of them both. Sequoyah Dental Arts make you feel like family.

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