What can you expect from Invisalign treatment by a Knoxville dentist?

Invisalign Dentist Knoxville

Invisalign is a state-of-the-art method used by Dr. Foncea to improve the smile of patients young and old. Teenagers and adults can use this orthodontic treatment to realign teeth and adjust the bite without standard metal bracket and wire braces from an orthodontist. Instead, patients can visit their cosmetic dentist for Invisalign treatment from start to finish!

Dr. Foncea of Knoxville is happy to offer Invisalign treatment. Using clear aligner trays, patients can realign their teeth and enjoy the benefits of a more aesthetic smile. Additionally, by aligning teeth and reducing overcrowding, patients are able to maintain a healthier smile with a reduced risk for periodontal disease. This allows them to keep their smile beautiful and healthy for the long term.

Invisalign treatment starts with an initial consultation appointment. Patients must first make sure they are a proper candidate for Invisalign. This orthodontic treatment works best for patients with mild to moderate misalignment, and can be used to realign the bite in many instances. A physical examination, as well as x-rays, can help Dr. Foncea determine candidacy for treatment.

Using impressions taken from the dental arch, Dr. Foncea can convert these into digital models that are sent to an outside laboratory for the creation of the clear aligner trays. A complete series is created. The number of aligners in a series will depend on the severity of misalignment. These aligner trays are sent to Dr. Foncea, and patients visit the practice to pick up their Invisalign set. They will learn how to care for them and use them for the best results.

Patients should wear the aligner trays at all times. Each tray is worn for two weeks before the next tray in the series is used. Patients will visit the dentist periodically for a check up on the progress and ensure the treatment is progressing as planned. This is important for the proper results.

Patients in Knoxville interested in learning more about this treatment from an Invisalign dentist should contact Dr. Foncea today to schedule a consultation visit to find out if Invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment for their specific dental situation.

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