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Based on the guidelines from the American Dental Association and the Tennessee Board of Dentistry, we will be following new operating hours and guidelines for two weeks starting Monday, March 23- April 6.

We are open and scheduling non elective care Monday – Thursday from 9-1

Elective care is determined by the ADA guidelines. Please know we are doing our best to care well for you and help flatten the curve.

All hygiene and elective care will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

The Sequoyah Dental Arts team

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Invisalign LogoHave you wanted or needed to straighten your teeth, but felt like the time spent with what we once called “metal mouth” wasn’t worth it? With the introduction of the Invisalign clear aligner system, those concerns are put to rest.  Dr. Pablo Foncea is a preferred provider for the Invisalign system and has been since 200?

If you want to consider this solution, your first visit to Dr. Foncea’s office will consist of finding out your exact orthodontic need. Once the necessary amount of movement to correct the condition is established, computer simulation technology of the Invisalign system will be used to recreate an impression of the original formation of your teeth.Impressions of this kind are taken for both the top and bottom of your teeth with our digital scanner which means no yucky impression material.  Once completed, they are sent to a lab to create the clear aligners for treatment.

In order to correct your condition in a gradual manner, a series of such clear retainers are made for you to wear during the treatment period. During the course of your treatment, you will wear the aligners all day removing them for meals and to brush your teeth.  You will come to the office incrementally to receive your new aligners and for the doctor to check your progress.  At the completion, you will have a retainer made of your new, corrected smile, just like in traditional braces, to be used for maintenance.

In comparison to traditional braces, Invisalign provides patients attractive benefits like better aesthetics and improved oral hygiene and are generally about the same cost.

No more wired Braces in your mouth - try Invisalign by Dr. Pablo Foncea

Do you offer braces at your office?
At Sequoyah Dental Arts if you want to move teeth our favorite solution is Invisalign. We have found that millions and millions of dollars a day put into research can back up this product as a fantastic solution.

Are they wireless?
They are wireless and there is no metal in your mouth when you are wearing them, in fact, most people won’t know that you are wearing one.

After you get used to the way they feel you will feel and sound normal and look normal and people just wonder how it works.

Are braces safe to wear?
It works so well that we have had three people from our team go through the Invisalign process. So, you know that if we feel it is good, it is good for you as well.

If you want to transform your smile and teeth with the latest technology in the orthodontic field, contact Dr. Foncea today! He will change your life! 865 973-9899

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After just moving here we had to find a new dentist. I did a lot of searching and found Sequoyah and I’m glad I did! Everyone is great, honest and gentle. I had a wonderful experience!

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