What Are The Alternatives To Cosmetic Dentures?

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Many patients dream of having a beautiful smile that they can be proud to show off while laughing, smiling, and talking with others. However, many patients are unaware of how achievable that dream smile can be with a little cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Foncea, of Sequoyah Dental Arts, is proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures. One cosmetic restoration used to improve the smile of patients is cosmetic dentures.

Cosmetic dentures are made not only to replace teeth and give patients back their chewing efficiency, but also to be beautiful and maintain a patient’s overall self-confidence. Having missing teeth can be embarrassing, but cosmetic dentures can help restore self-esteem and confidence in patients of all ages. Whether a patient considers a full set of cosmetic dentures or needs partial dentures to address one or more missing teeth, there are options to fit every budget.

There are alternatives to cosmetic dentures for those who would like to seek other options.


For patients who are missing one tooth or just a few, dental bridges are a consideration. Bridges are restorations that utilize crowns and a false tooth in order to provide a more permanent restoration within a patient’s smile. Unlike cosmetic dentures, dental bridges are not removable. They can be made to match a patient’s smile for an undetectable restoration, and may last several years with proper care and maintenance.

Dental Implants

Patients who want a lifelong restoration that looks and feels natural will enjoy the benefits of dental implants. Although dental implants are oftentimes more expensive, they last longer and provide better value than the alternatives. They are surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone and completed with a dental crown to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants can also be used in conjunction with cosmetic dentures in order to add strength and stability. This can help patients enjoy better chewing efficiency and feel more confident in their denture’s hold.

If you are curious about the alternatives to cosmetic dentures, call Dr. Foncea of Knoxville’s Sequoyah Dental Arts today. With a simple consultation appointment, you can learn which type of dental restoration is the best fit for you and your budget.

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