Knoxville area dentist reviews the advantages of Invisalign orthodontics

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Knoxville area patients who talk with their dentist about misalignment of their teeth are often told that they may need orthodontic services. Orthodontics repositions the teeth in the dental arch to improve aesthetics and to align the bite as necessary for better function and less wear and tear on the teeth. Dr. Pablo Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts is the Invisalign preferred provider in the Knoxville community who reviews with his patients the benefits of orthodontic care and in cases when patients are dealing with mild to moderate malocclusion, solutions such as Invisalign may be suggested.

Invisalign is popular and revolutionary. This is because unlike traditional metal bracket and wire braces, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays. They are made of professional-grade plastics and can gently reposition the teeth. Invisalign starts with an entire series of trays, and patients wear each one for two weeks before they switch to the next. Dr. Pablo Foncea and his team will develop these trays by taking impressions and digitizing them for the Invisalign labs. Invisalign labs create the trays and they are sent to the dental office. Dr. Pablo Foncea discusses with patients how to use their trays, and then sees them regularly in his practice to monitor the results.

Invisalign is comparable in price with conventional metal bracket and wire braces, and can be used to address mild to moderate malocclusion. Unlike similar orthodontic alternatives, Invisalign can be used to achieve better bite alignment. Patients with cross bites, overbites, or under bites can benefit from Invisalign aligner therapy. Spaces between teeth, overcrowding, and other misalignment issues can also be improved with treatments such as this.

If you live in or around the area of Knoxville and are seeking a dentist who provides orthodontic alternatives, contact Dr. Pablo Foncea and his team today to book a consultation appointment. We recommend visiting us and discussing the ways in which Invisalign can dramatically enhance your smile with discreet aligner trays.

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