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The causes of bad breath
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How we make our patients comfortable at Sequoyah Dental Arts
One of the words that is synonymous with Sequoyah Dental Arts is comfort. This dental office is different from other dental offices you might have been to.

Although the facility is small, we offer a wide variety of artistic dental procedures coupled with pampering and relaxation. If you want to undergo top notch dental procedures in a cozy setting, Sequoyah Dental Arts is for you!

The procedures we offer make use of the very latest in technology, allowing the patient to enjoy fast treatment and a comfortable procedural experience.

The entire setting and environment of our office is one which boasts of cozy comfort and rejuvenating relaxation.

AUGUST 2012 Newsletter

The causes of bad breath
Bad breath, or halitosis, as it is called in medical terms, is an embarrassing condition that is often attributed to foods such as onions or garlic. While it is entirely possible that a bowl of chili for dinner can give you bad breath, the condition is temporary. If you have chronic problems with this, or it occurs when you haven’t eaten any common trigger foods, the true cause may lie elsewhere. Your dentist can help you determine the cause and, in many cases, provide effective treatment. Some of the likely culprits include:

Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the most common and
  most often overlooked causes of chronic halitosis.
Abscessed teeth and other oral infections also cause bad
Poor oral hygiene affects your breath for the same reason
  as infections; bacteria emit a foul odor.
Xerostomia, or dry mouth, means a lack of saliva
  production. With insufficient “natural mouthwash,” food
  particles linger, inviting bacteria.
Smoking affects virtually every aspect of your health,
  including your breath. Besides directly causing bad breath, it
  increases your risk of periodontal disease.
Health conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, and
  malnutrition can result in bad breath.
Foncea family year in Guatemala
The Fonceas have begun their adventure in Guatemala. They are in intensive Spanish language school right now and are already being introduced to many different opportunities to serve the community. If you are interested in following them in this journey you can subscribe to their blog at
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