What can Knoxville area patients do about painful dentures?

What can Knoxville area patients do about painful dentures?

Patients who are struggling with painful dentures are urged to contact their Knoxville area dentist as soon as possible. This is because it may be an indication of many different concerns. There may be a sore or abscess in the smile that may be causing the discomfort, especially if it occurs in a more immediate manner. If it has occurred gradually, it may be due to changes in the shape of the mouth.

In most situations, IF dentures become painful, Dr. Pablo Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts will have patients come into his practice for an evaluation. Sometimes there may be a break in the denture that is causing the discomfort. This may be repaired or the entire denture may need to be replaced, depending on how severe the damage to the denture is. Other times, patients may be dealing with minor adjustments that can be made to get the denture to fit properly again. Dr. Pablo Foncea can adjust dentures during dental visits to ensure optimum comfort. Comfort is very important for denture wearers as it keeps them from irritating the gums or causing pain that keeps patients from wearing them as necessary. This, in turn, can result in the shifting of existing teeth in the smile or reduce abilities to eat and speak.

Adjustments can be made easily at the dentist’s office. Patients who book an appointment for painful dentures are encouraged to bring their dentures with them to their appointment so Dr. Pablo Foncea can evaluate them and determine the source of the discomfort. He also wants to ensure that patients are comfortable with their dentures so they will wear them as advised.

If you live in or around the Knoxville area and are dealing with dentures that have become uncomfortable or even painful when placed in the smile, Dr. Pablo Foncea encourages you to contact his practice and book an appointment for an evaluation and adjustment of your apparatus. This can ensure you feel confident with your dentures and are comfortable while wearing them each and every day.

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