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Consistent, preventative dental care is the key to long-term oral health. If you practice good oral hygiene at home and visit the dentist twice each year for a dental exam and cleaning, there is a good chance that you can avoid most major dental problems. At Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, we offer patients comprehensive preventative oral health care designed to identify the early signs of major issues such as decay, fractures, oral cancer, and gum disease so our patients can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile.

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is a range of services designed to keep the teeth and gums healthy in order to avoid common dental concerns and diseases. The following services are under our preventative dentistry umbrella.

Dental Exams – During the exam, the dentist will assess the overall health of the mouth. All chewing surfaces of the teeth are checked for signs of decay and x-rays are taken to see if there are any hidden issues such as cavities, infections, or cysts. Oral cancer screenings are also performed as early detection is key to effective treatment.

Dental Cleanings – Professional dental cleanings from a hygienist will leave your teeth looking and feeling fresh and clean. The main purpose of a dental cleaning is to improve overall health and the longevity of the teeth. Using special tools, the hygienist will remove plaque buildup which is a leading cause of decay and gum disease. Superficial surface stains can also be removed from the teeth during a dental cleaning.

Education – One of our most important roles as a dental provider is to arm our patients with knowledge of how to properly care for the teeth and gums. We’ll make recommendations for improving at-home oral hygiene that will help keep the mouth healthy between visits.

By taking a proactive approach to your dental care you can often prevent serious oral health conditions and avoid costly restorations. If you are in the Knoxville area, we’d love to have you into our office for a routine preventative exam and cleaning. Call Sequoyah Dental Arts today at 865 973-9899 to book an appointment.

Preventative Dentistry with Dr. Foncea and Dr. Mccall at Sequoyah Dental Arts.

Preventative Dentistry with Dr. Foncea
Every patient's needs are different says Dr. Pablo Foncea from Sequoyah Dental Arts Knoxville, TN. Therefore they recommend different treatments for different individual's needs. In this video, he also explains the types of treatments available at his practice. Call Dr. Pablo Foncea at Sequoyah Dental Arts today to fix your appointment to learn more about the treatments and other details.

What is your goal at Sequoyah Dental Arts?

At Sequoyah Dental Arts prevention is the key for healthy smiles that last a lifetime without a doubt.

Everyone’s needs are different, so after a thorough evaluation, we recommend different treatments for different individual needs.

What are the types of treatments available at your practice?

The types of treatments we do for preventative dentistry are professional cleaning, fluoride, sealants, and oral hygiene instructions.

What is your team’s commitment?

Our team is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain a dental health program for a lifetime. There is nothing better than a bright healthy smile and our team is dedicated to helping you get that.

Contact Dr. Pablo Foncea today 865 973-9899 to find out more about preventative dentistry which helps to restore your smile.

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