What types of cosmetic dentures are available?

Cosmetic denture

Cosmetic dentures refer to a prosthetic device that is traditionally used to replace missing teeth. Most of the conventional dentures are removable so that the patient does not have to wear them at night and remove them for cleaning or during a dental exam. The following are different categories of dentures that may be used according to the patient’s needs:

Full Dentures: These dentures are required for a patient who has lost all the teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. A standard set of full dentures will be custom made to fit into the patient’s mouth as naturally as possible. Each individual’s dental construction is different. Therefore, customization is important to create the right dentures for every patient. Full dentures help the patient to restore functionality as well as aesthetics, and helps bring back the lost confidence and a great smile as well.

Partial Dentures: A patient who has some of the teeth missing in a jaw, while the remaining teeth are still healthy, may opt for partial dentures. This is an economical route to replace missing teeth. These can be fabricated for long term use or as an interim solution until a more natural feeling treatment (such as implant supported teeth) to replace the missing teeth can be completed.

Immediate Dentures: These are essentially temporary dentures that can be placed as soon as the natural teeth have been extracted. These dentures are used as a stop gap arrangement till the time the patient is ready for conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are convenient and provide quick relief to the patient.

Implant Retained Dentures: These are highly recommended by dentist because they provide stability, confidence and comfort to the denture patient. Although there is an additional cost for the implants, patients who have implants can expect a dramatic increase in retention. This results in a chewing efficiency that becomes close to natural teeth. Patients gain confidence by knowing they don’t have to worry about their teeth moving.

Denture patients should continue to have yearly checkups with their dentist. The dentist should evaluate the dentures fit, the amount of wear and tear, and the bone support under the dentures. If there is an area of concern found, such as a change in bone level, simple solutions can often prolong the useful lifespan of a denture.

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