How can Farragut residents benefit from walking bleach teeth whitening in Knoxville?

Walking Bleach Farragut

There are times in which patients may require root canal therapy. Root canal therapy requires that a patient have the dental pulp removed from the inside of a tooth that is infected or has a very deep cavity. When this is removed, the space is filled and sealed off. The tooth remains, although it is then considered “dead” without its blood supply, tissues, and nerves. However, the patient can maintain this natural tooth without having to undergo an extraction and require restorative treatments.

Unfortunately, there are times in which a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy will end up becoming discolored over time. This may make patients feel very self-conscious about this tooth, and may find that traditional tooth whitening techniques will not address the individual tooth. Instead, a dentist such as Dr. Foncea may use a technique called Walking Bleach. Farragut residents can come to Knoxville’s Sequoyah Dental Arts to have Walking Bleach teeth whitening performed on teeth that have previously had root canal therapy.

Before this treatment is done, Dr. Foncea will first complete radiographs to check on the tooth and be sure that it is not infected and that the fillings are still in good condition. The teeth are then scaled and cleaned, and then a rubber dam is placed over the existing teeth to allow the dentist to focus on the individual tooth being treated.

Dr. Foncea will create a hole in the tooth in order to access the inner portion. The filling is protected, and then a bleaching agent is placed inside the tooth. A temporary filling is placed to seal the tooth, and the patient will need to visit dentist in approximately one week. This is the time in which the dentist may determine whether or not the patient needs a second bleaching treatment, or if the initial bleaching session was successful. Once completed, the bleaching agent is removed, and a permanent filling is used to seal the tooth back up.

There are other ways that patients can address these teeth. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns can also be used to cover the tooth and allow patients to disguise these imperfections. However, patients are encouraged to discuss with Dr. Foncea the concerns they have regarding the color of their teeth and allow him to help them make an educated decision as to which restorative technique would be best.

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