Knoxville, TN area dentist describes the procedure for replacing missing teeth with dental implants

Knoxville, TN area dentist describes the procedure for replacing missing teeth with dental implants

Dental implants are a popular option for patients who are interested in replacing missing teeth. They are the most desirable solution for those seeking a permanent option. Dental implants are a great investment in the smile. Though more costly upfront, they can last a lifetime, holding their value better than any other dental restoration. Dental implants are titanium posts that Dr. Pablo Foncea places into the jawbone. This is how the implants derive the strength necessary to function at their best. They are restored with bridges, crowns, or dentures depending on the needs of the patient. These restorations are strong, … Continue reading

Knoxville, TN dentist describes the types and uses of dental implants

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Dental implants are titanium restorative posts that are used by Dr. Pablo Foncea of Knoxville, TN to repair smiles after tooth loss. At Sequoyah Dental Arts, dental implants are just one of several restorations used to address the loss or extraction of one or more teeth. Dental implants are chosen by many patients because they are: A valuable investment in the smile Permanently placed into the jawbone Key to maintaining bone because of continued regeneration Beautiful, looking just like the natural teeth Functional and strong More durable than dentures or dental bridges Dr. Pablo Foncea believes in educating his patients … Continue reading

Knoxville dentist recommends treatment for a broken tooth beyond repair

Knoxville dentist recommends treatment for a broken tooth beyond repair

There are situations that may occur and result in the damage of a natural tooth. When damage occurs, it is important that patients in the Knoxville area take the time to speak to a dentist in the community about ways of repairing the aesthetics and function of the smile. When involving a small chip or crack, it may be easily corrected with fillings, composite resin dental bonding, or even the placement of a porcelain veneer. However, there are times when none of these will be sufficient enough for the treatment of a broken tooth. Deep breakage may indicate a problem … Continue reading

What are the pros and cons of implant dentistry in the Knoxville area?

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Missing teeth can occur for a variety of reasons. This can happen due to disease, extraction, severe decay, failed root canals, or trauma. When missing teeth occur, it is important for Knoxville area patients to speak to a dentist who provides implant dentistry to learn about the advantages of dental implants. Dental implants are a great way for patients to replace missing teeth. They are titanium posts that are inserted during oral surgery to act as artificial tooth roots. They are then restored over the top with bridges, crowns, or even dentures to provide optimum stability. Many patients who are … Continue reading

Benefits of using dental implants for missing teeth in Knoxville

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Dr. Pablo Foncea and the team at Sequoyah Dental Arts of Knoxville offer a wide selection of treatments for men and women. Whether patients need treatment for dental concerns or they are seeking aesthetic options, they are welcome to learn more about what is available to them. This includes patients considering dental implants for missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium posts used to replace one or more teeth. These posts are surgically placed into the bone of the jaw to give them the proper foundation for strength and stability. They are a ready alternative to dental bridges and dentures. Many … Continue reading

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