Benefit from One of the Biggest Advances in Modern Dentistry … Dental Implants!

Dental Implants Services in Knoxville TN area

Dental implant services represent one of the biggest advances in modern dentistry. And Sequoyah Dental Arts is proud to provide full-service implant dentistry to our valued patients in Knoxville, Tennessee. What makes implants so special?  Implants are the next closest thing that we have to natural teeth. They are just one part of each prosthetic tooth. The implant specifically replaces the tooth’s root. It is surgically positioned in the jawbone. Since implants are made from biocompatible materials, they naturally integrate or join with the rest of the bone. This process ensures a stable foundation for the replacement teeth that are … Continue reading

What are some frequently asked questions about dental crowns?

Dental Crown after Root Canal in Knoxville TN Area

At Sequoyah Dental Arts of Knoxville, Tennessee, Drs. Foncea, McCall, and Beil are committed to providing a wide selection of restorative treatments for patients who have damage to their smiles. Patients can repair damage after infection, decay, and root canal therapy with restorations such as dental crowns. Below are some commonly asked questions we hear about dental crowns for the smile at our facility. What are dental crowns? Our team describes dental crowns as a variety of dental restoration used to cover the entire visible part of a tooth. They can restore a broken or severely damaged tooth, improve its appearance, and provide additional … Continue reading

Why Invisalign is our favorite way to straighten crowded, crooked teeth for a more beautiful, healthy smile!

Invisalign Teeth Straightening System in Knoxville TN Area

Yes, Invisalign is a teeth straightening “system.” It is also our favorite way to correct crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth. We at Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, can reposition teeth and correct “bad bites” without the use of conventional (“metal mouth”) braces. Invisalign® is generally more discreet, cosmetically appealing, comfortable, and faster than orthodontic treatment with braces. Plus, Invisalign® is comparable in price to braces! It doesn’t cost you a fortune to enjoy a better treatment experience. The “magic” behind Invisalign  Conventional braces are made from silver-colored metal brackets and wires. These components are “fixed” or secured to the … Continue reading

Comfortable, removable, and discreet Invisalign® treatment to straighten teeth

Invisalign Near Me Knoxville TN Area

Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, truly values its patients; Drs Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall appreciate that each patient has unique needs, preferences, and goals. For this reason, we are proud to offer numerous treatment options to straighten teeth. Invisalign®, a modern orthodontic treatment, has wide appeal to many patients.  Straight talk about Invisalign®  Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional “fixed” braces. Fixed braces cannot be removed by the patient. They can only be removed (and adjusted) by a dental professional, such as an orthodontist. While fixed braces reposition teeth with metal wires and brackets, Invisalign® repositions teeth with a series of … Continue reading

Dental implants for missing teeth are a long-lasting investment for your smile

Dental Implants Cost in Knoxville TN Area

Sequoyah Dental Arts is pleased to offer dental implants to our patients in and around Knoxville, Tennessee. Implant procedures are truly transformative; Drs Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall use implants to create replacement teeth that look and feel natural. They are also of exceptional value.  Well worth the cost  Implants are small cylinders that are placed in the jawbone and made from materials designed to fuse with the surrounding bone. After this process is complete, the implant is effectively part of the jaw and functions like a natural tooth root. The replacement tooth is then connected to the implant, so it is held securely … Continue reading

Custom dentures are indistinguishable from healthy, natural teeth in every way

Dentures Near Me Knoxville TN Area

At Sequoyah Dental Arts, Drs Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall blend technical expertise and artistry to create dentures that look, feel, and function like natural, healthy teeth for patients in Knoxville, Tennessee. Many of the common complaints associated with dentures have to do with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to designing and fitting dentures.  Truly custom dentures  Dentures customized to fit your mouth and account for your one-of-a-kind facial and oral features and anatomy support the best possible experience and satisfaction with your new teeth. “Generic” dentures that do not account for characteristics such as “bite” (how the upper and lower teeth come together when biting … Continue reading

Restore your smile with Custom-made Dentures

Custom Made Denture in Knoxville TN Area

Dental technologies are constantly advancing the way we provide dental care to our patients, and denture technology is no exception. If you have suffered from tooth loss or have ill-fitting dentures that are causing more hassle than a benefit, it is time for a change! At Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, we provide custom-made denture options that can transform your smile and your confidence.  Denture options for every need When you think of dentures, a fake-looking, removable arch of teeth is likely what first comes to mind. Today’s denture options are much more versatile and natural-looking, with options to meet a wide variety … Continue reading

Emergency Dentist and Dental Care when you need it

Emergency Dentist in Knoxville TN Area

Severe tooth pain? Knocked-out tooth? Your dental crown fell out? At Sequoyah Dental Arts, we know that few things can stop your life in its tracks, like a dental emergency. That’s why we provide emergency dentistry services to patients in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding communities to get you out of pain and back to your everyday life as quickly as possible.  What constitutes a dental emergency? Life is always full of surprises, and oral health problems always seem to strike at inopportune times. Many patients hesitate to call the dentist when they are experiencing problems with their teeth or gums because they … Continue reading

Benefits of Dental Implants for missing teeth

Teeth Implants in Knoxville TN Area

If you have lost one or more teeth, you probably know the impact that it can have on your smile, speech, and ability to chew your food. Tooth loss can also have a negative effect on your oral health, but fortunately, patients have more choices than ever before when it comes to natural-looking tooth replacement options.  At Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, Drs. Pablo Foncea and Mariko McCall use a personalized approach to restore your smile after tooth loss and offer various options to meet our patients’ diverse needs. One of the most popular and versatile options is the dental implant. What sets dental … Continue reading

Overcome headaches and jaw pain with Botox for TMJ

Botox for Tmj in Knoxville TN Area

If you constantly wake up with headaches and jaw soreness, your first thought might be to take painkillers for relief. But years of relying on pain-relieving medications can take a toll on you, and you may feel like there is no long-lasting solution in sight.  At Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, we aren’t fidgety about infusing advancements in dentistry into our practice. We devise modern but safe techniques to ensure that our patients live healthy lives for years to come. If you are experiencing chronic headaches, facial pain, and other TMJ-related symptoms, we offer Botox to relieve pain. Yes, you read … Continue reading

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