Can transparent braces be used to straighten teeth for patients in the Knoxville community?

Transparent braces Straighten Teeth

Teenagers and adults faced with malocclusion often believe that traditional braces are the only way for them to straighten teeth and enjoy a more attractive smile. However, patients in and around the area of Knoxville have other options available to them. In fact, many patients, including both men and women, may choose what is commonly called invisible braces.

Our practice offers Invisalign aligner trays for patients interested in rejuvenating their smile and enjoy a treatment that does not make their orthodontic services noticeable each time they speak, laugh, or smile.

Invisalign is popular because it is more discreet. These “invisible braces” are often chosen over traditional braces for patients who have misalignment of the dental arch and bite. This treatment is desirable for patients who have mild to moderate malocclusion and who want an alternative to conventional bracket and wire braces.

Dr. Pablo Foncea and his team at Sequoyah Dental Arts want patients to know that they have services used both for cosmetic dentistry and to improve the health and wellness of the smile in an effective yet less noticeable manner. When patients are interested in finding out more regarding Invisalign, they are welcome to book an appointment with our team. We can educate patients on the advantages of Invisalign services over conventional orthodontia, and we can determine if patients are appropriate candidates for this method of aligning the smile. Candidates with mild to moderate misalignment are best for Invisalign and they will see results as long as they comply with treatment instructions.

Invisalign has many advantages that patients should consider. Not only is it affordable, but it also can provide similar treatment times as traditional metal bracket and wire braces. The trays are smooth and comfortable, and can be removed so patients can enjoy their favorite foods and beverages. Patients will also find it easy to brush and floss as they can remove their trays to do so. Many patients are interested in finding out about Invisalign and how the process works to determine if they should continue this service with a dentist they know and trust or discuss with Dr. Pablo Foncea the possibility of referral to an orthodontic specialist instead.

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