How are crowns different than veneers for Farragut area patients?

Dental Crowns Farragut from Dr. Pablo Foncea, Sequoyah Dental Arts

Dental crowns are commonly used in general dentistry, and are utilized in cosmetic dental treatments as well. They play a vital part in dentistry, allowing patients to cover, protect, and restore their smile. Patients in the Farragut community may visit the team at Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville, TN with questions about this restoration. One question often asked is, “What is the difference between a dental crown and a veneer”? Similarities Dental crowns and veneers have many similarities. They can be used to disguise imperfections of a tooth, and are fabricated from high quality porcelain. They are bonded onto a … Continue reading

Why might a Knoxville resident have tooth crowns placed?

Why might a Knoxville resident have tooth crowns placed?

Dental crowns, also known as tooth crowns, are commonly used in both general and cosmetic dentistry. Patients in Knoxville may learn about these restorations through Dr. Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts. At times, they may be recommended for placement depending on the patient’s needs. These restorations are made of porcelain and are fabricated to match the natural color of the teeth to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the smile. Why might a Knoxville resident have tooth crowns placed? Here are several situations in which Dr. Foncea may suggest a dental crown. For Protection Crowns are commonly used in … Continue reading

What is the process of receiving a Knoxville dental crown?

Dental Crown Placement from Dr. Foncea

When teeth need to be covered or protected, dentists such as Dr. Foncea of Knoxville often suggest that patients have dental crowns placed. A crown, also referred to as a cap, is a common restoration used at Sequoyah Dental Arts. Our practice utilizes these to protect teeth, improve smiles, and restore dental implants. They are versatile and easy to place. Patients have their crowns placed within two dental visits. During the first visit, the patient sits in the dental chair while Dr. Foncea prepares the tooth. This may require that part of the tooth enamel be reduced, as this makes … Continue reading

What is the difference between teeth crowns and bridges for Knoxville patients?

Dental Experts from Sequoyah Dental Arts

Many changes can be made to a patient’s smile through cosmetic dentistry. At Sequoyah Dental Arts, we are able to provide amazing transformations for those who want to improve their smiles. We have a variety of cosmetic treatments for patients of all ages, including teeth crowns. Knoxville area residents can visit Dr. Foncea and his team to take charge of their most important asset: their smile! Many patients will be eligible for restorations such as dental crowns and dental bridges. Though many believe that crowns and bridges are the same, they are two different restorations. They are both made of … Continue reading

What are Crowns Used For?

What are Crowns Used For?

In many cases, dentists may recommend that patients consider porcelain crowns. Knoxville area dentist, Dr. Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts, may suggest this cosmetic restoration when patients need to offer a tooth (or several teeth) protection. The primary reason a patient may receive a dental crown is due to a tooth that has been broken or weakened. These teeth need to have some sort of protection to keep them from experiencing further damage. If a tooth that is cracked or broken is not strengthened with an appropriate restoration, it may break to the point that the patient will experience pain … Continue reading

How do Crowns Work?

Dental Crown Installation Knoxville from Dr. Foncea - Sequoyah Dental Arts

Your smile is one of your most important assets, and protecting it is key to having it last a lifetime. When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or otherwise weakened, porcelain crowns are often one of the first considerations for patients who need to ensure the protection of their natural teeth. Dental crowns are porcelain “caps” that are created to bond over the top of a natural tooth. They are made by an out-of-office laboratory and are created to match the current shade and look of their teeth. This helps with the cosmetic and aesthetic look and appearance of the protected … Continue reading

How long will a crown last?

How long will a crown last?

For a tooth that has been damaged, filled, or cracked, Dr. Foncea of Sequoyah Dental Arts in Knoxville may recommend the placement of a dental crown to protect the tooth from further breakage. Dental crowns are made of either gold and/or porcelain that are placed over a tooth in order to provide protection. They are used on damaged teeth, or teeth that have recently undergone root canals. This is because a root canal can make it more susceptible to fractures. Dental crowns are strong, and with the proper care and maintenance, can last from ten to twenty years. In order … Continue reading

What are Porcelain Crowns?

What are Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crowns are widely known as the ‘one fix wonder’ for a variety of dental problems that may occur. Whether you have worn down, broken, decayed, or teeth that stick out, porcelain crowns have become the fix that many dentists choose as treatment. These crowns are also used after root canals and used as a strong support structure for bridges and other dental work or appliances needed to improve a person’s oral health. Porcelain crowns are natural looking tooth shaped caps that cover and protect or strengthen your tooth. The shade of the crown is matched to the actual shade … Continue reading

When is a crown necessary?

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A dental crown is an important solution in restorative dentistry. It helps to restore the functionality and aesthetics in a situation when the natural tooth is seriously damaged or completely extracted. One of the most common problems in oral health is tooth decay. If the patient neglects the condition and delays professional treatment, the infection may spread to the dental pulp, causing a large cavity. If the cavity is too big to be covered by a filling, the dentist may decide on placing a crown to strengthen the tooth structure. In the absence of a crown, the tooth may not … Continue reading

What are the benefits for Knoxville patients for placing teeth caps?

What are the benefits for Knoxville patients for placing teeth caps?

Dental crowns, also known as teeth caps, are commonly used in dentistry. Dr. Foncea of Knoxville’s Sequoyah Dental Arts uses dental crowns for a number of general and cosmetic procedures. They are affordable, versatile, and strong enough to provide essential protection to the natural tooth. Teeth caps are used in many situations. They may be placed over teeth that have extremely large fillings or have undergone root canal therapy, as the enamel may be weak. This can make the tooth more susceptible to breakage, which may require extraction. Crowns are also made to cover teeth that are chipped or cracked … Continue reading

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